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  • SETE


    From a musical point of view, Susana shows in SETE, her seventh album, an approach to the sound of the bagpipe to contemporary...

  • Dende o meu balcón


    The wealth of our Galician musical heritage and the enhancement of the new talents that compose based on tradition, are...

  • FA


    FA is the new work of Susana Seivane after eight years of silence, a long period that served as inspiration for her to...

  • DVD Susana Seivane e amigos

    2015 ENAVIES

    "Susana Seivane e amigos" Great live concert made at Maria Pita Feast in A Coruña, 2012. Relive the exciting direct of famous...

  • Os soños que volven

    2009 ENAVIES

    In 1999, my first compact disc as a soloist was released. My goodness! Ten years have already gone by! If someone had told me in...

  • Mares de Tempo

    2004 BOA MUSIC

    Her new album, titled "Mares de Tempo" is the artistic musical result of an unprecedented development of traditional music....

  • Alma de Buxo

    2001 BOA MUSIC

    With her second album "Alma de Buxo" produced by herself, under the artistic supervision of Rodrigo Romaní, she is consolidated...

  • Susana Seivane

    1999 BOA MUSIC

    In 1999 she edited her first record "Susana Seivane", produced by Rodrigo Romaní, one of the "Milladoiro" founders. This...

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