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FA is the new work of Susana Seivane after eight years of silence, a long period that served as inspiration for her to compose her fifth album. FA (Fiz and Antón) is a deep introspection in the field of maternity, conventions, family and personal fulfillment.

Without losing her defining essence, Susana explores new rhythms by imprinting modernity in tradition and becoming one of the most virtuous bagpipers of all time.

With universal themes such as superlative love, fear, insecurity or absolute happiness, Seivane builds a sound landscape without showing its roots, giving it new nuances as a result of her maturity as a composer and instrumentalist.

FA is composed of 12 songs, of which the first excerpt "Papa Pum Pum" stands out, a song of vital joy and the supremacy of small moments. It is the perfect example of the spirit of FA, the most personal album to date of Susana Seivane.

Songs list


Welcome to my life, my feelings and my most secrets passions. I get naked in front of you with a story life in music, I´m going to tell you in that special CD.
Once upon a time...

In 2011, Xesús and I decided to became parents. The good news came in the middle of an international tour, and in a moment I shared a lot of moments with free woman, strong and brave in their daily life. They say having a friend is like having a treasure. I feel lucky having a lot of them. I wrote this piece for MARta, VaNE and LoLA.
And as I´m talking about treasures, these are the ones who accompanied me in this piece:

Gaita in G (with bass drone in C 2): David Bellas
Gaitas in C: Cristian Silva, Lorena Freijeiro and Magoia Bodega
Arrangements: Pedro Lamas
Composition and Gaita in C: Susana Seivane

Momentos (moments)

In 2013, my first son Fiz Seivane Ferreiro was born and after came Antón Seivane Ferreiro in 2015. We made our family around two litttle boys who filled our house with great love.
I´m sure what happened to me also happened to a lot of women during their pregnancy. I didn´t have idyllic pregnancies as they usually say, although women have it, and I had it for moments.
To me it has been quite hard hormonal revolutions.
I had gust of doubt, fear, joy, euphoria, worry: as I said : "I have permanent hormonal revolutions".
With all these worries, psychological and physical ones, I composed that piece on the piano.
The patterns we learn, the system, life and our personal fears affect us, although thoughtlessly, about you have to be the perfect mother in order to be the best one, but it is not true. The best mother or father doesn´t exist, you´ll be the best mother you can and you´ll be the best and the perfect one for your sons´s universe.

Around me there always have been my guardian angel, Rodrigo Romaní, who with his harp and his words filled my life with magic in important moments.

Violins: Javier Cedrón and Harry Price
Harp and arrangements: Rodrigo Romaní
Diatonic accordion: Brais Maceiras
Composition, arrangements, Gaitas in C 4 and in C 5: Susana Seivane


While I was pregnant with Fiz, Brais, my sister´s son, who is also my godson and almost another son to me, was 4 years old. We always had collusion, in an emotional and musical way. In these two pieces, on diatonic accordion, I talk about all these beautiful moments we have together, our hysterical laughter and prank larks.
In our family Brais was the first grandson, the first nephew, his birth was so waited for and so special, and living my sister´s pregnancy was so nice.
Before he could say "madriña"(godmother in galician language) he said "Iná".

Flute: Adrián Silva
Clarinet: Marcos Represas
Tuba: Miguel Rodríguez Barrio
Drum, cymbal, triangle and Fiz´s little bells: Carlos Freire
Sax: Miguel González
Arrangements: Pedro Lamas
Composition, Gaita in C, diatonic accordion, snare drum and Fiz´s little bells: Susana Seivane

Sabendo miradas (at first sight)

And came the two most beautiful days of my life, the ones I had been waiting for so long time for both.
The pregnancies seemed long to me, I´m very impatient and having to wait 9 months for both child time was soooo long.
That was the first lesson Fiz first and then Antón gave me, and they did it before they were born.
We have to wait for things; live and enjoy every moment (what I did) is the most important and things always happen.
My "meeting times" with them weren´t short and painless, as everyone wants for you. From the beginning of contractions, till Fiz was born, it was 36 hours. Both deliveries were quite similar, except that Antón felt good in my body and we had to help him to get out by triggering the delivery so it was a little bit shorter but not painless.
A long long time till the staff could do me the epidural and at least I could relax, after so much time suffering.
Xesús couldn´t be at Fiz´s delivery, because the staff had to use appliance to help the delivery.
But for Antón´s one he could be there and it´s something we won´t forget, never.
Neither we´ll forget the team who worked with us, and our midwife Sonia, a special and wonderful woman, who made that moment even more magical if it´s possible. Many many thanks.
With that piece, I wanted to allude to these moments.
The piece passes through different parts which reproduce every different moment. When I´m home, quite, very uncomfortable yet but so excited, because I know time is coming; when yet I´m in big suffer because contractions are getting more frequent, I wrote it on a notebook with timecodes (it ended in scribbles). When Xesús drove me to the hospital, when I´m living frequents contractions quite hard till I could get mad, and when time is coming. And when Antón was born, with less pain because we had to wait till the predicted date, in order to trigger the delivery, and so everything went the same way, but more painful.
I tried to express the "big" moments, the deliveries, with pains and emotions.
And at least the moment we met, at first sight. It was the stronger and passionate feeling I´d ever felt in my life, it was unreal.
I was broken by pain and by love, and I knew this love and this union would be for life.
I felt in love in that precise moment they looked at me, when I got my sons on my buddy, in my arms, feeling and touching each other. I had the deep insurance they would always be in my soul and my heart.

Beating during gestation: Fiz Seivane Ferreiro
Baby´s cry at birth: Antón Seivane Ferreiro
Keyboards: José Antonio Vilas
Drums: Carlos Freire
Bass and arrangements: Iago Rodríguez
Sax: Miguel González
Acoustic and electric guitars: Rubén Deschamps
Composition, arrangements, Gaita in C, voice and tambourine: Susana Seivane

Durmíndote (sleeping you)

It´s the first lullaby I wrote for Fiz, I used to whisper it to him in order to sleep him, hold, emotions and feelings were so specials I as overcome.

Violin: Javier Cedrón
Diatonic accordion: Brais Maceiras
Bass and arrangements: Iago Rodríguez
Acoustic guitar: Rubén Deschamps
Bouzouki and arrangements: Xurxo Iglesias
Composition, arrangements and Gaita in C: Susana Seivane

O primeiro baile (the first dance)

The first dance we danced, well I danced with Fiz, I had him in my arms.
I composed a bolero for him, we danced it so many times!
He really likes the rhythm, and he slept so peacefully.
In that piece I had the great chance to count on SonDeSeu.
I´d already worked with them, and I really wanted to do it again, they are friends I´ve always admired. They´re very talented. SonDeSeu is the first traditional Galician folk orchestra and one of the best in Europa.
His 60 musicians and singers, leaded by Rodrigo Romaní make I never get tired of listen to them and enjoy the magic they create between them.

Orquestra SonDeSeu
Orchestral arrangements: Rodrigo Romaní
Composition and Gaita in C: Susana Seivane

Al compás de los olivos (at the rythm of the olive trees)

Motherhood made me think about a lot of things, for example about my parents.
Now I understand them better, and I understand things I didn´t till now. Of course they feel for me the same thing feel for my sons, but when I was young I didn´t understand them.
My parents tell me they live in a different way their fatherhood since they became grandparents; they understand the mistakes they made and wouldn´t do the same way now.
While I was pregnant, I could remember my childhood and I was thinking of my attachments. You know yet how I´m proud of my paternal family, you know them, but I also have a maternal family. They are from Sorihuela del Guadalimar, Jaén.
My grandparents Antonia de la Paz Olivas and Bernardo Hoyos Villajos came to Barcelona in 1968 with their child.
My father finished to study in Barcelona and met Beni, my mother. They got married and lived there, although my father was thinking about going back to Galicia.
My sister Saínza, 8 years less than me and I were born in Barcelona. When I was 10 years old, we moved to Cambre, A Coruña.
While I´m talking about Barcelona, my parents worked and my grandparents looked after me when I was a child. The separation between us was very hard.
I remember how they smelt, they smelt as security, shelter, love and home.
At their home there always had music from South Spain and songs, they encourage me to play those pieces on gaita, it was great!
In that CD I wanted to talk about my Andalusian and Galician attachments which made me who I am.
That´s in order to pay tribute to the Hoyo de la Paz family, who I grew up with, cousins, uncles and grandparents, I composed on diatonic accordion that piece. For that piece I could count on the Marcos Teira´s savoir-faire, who knows a lot about flamenco. It´s been a great pleasure working with him and having very interesting conversations about life.

Arrangements, production, guitar and tres: Marcos Teira
Zapateado, palmas and jaleos: Isaías Salazar
Palmas and jaleos: Marcos Portela
Cajón flamenco, palmas and jaleos: Moisés Fernández
Composition, diatonic accordion, Gaita in C, tambourine and jaleos: Susana Seivane

A nana dos bicos (the kisses´s lullaby)

I never get bored by kissing my sons, I enjoy to smell them, which is one of the best therapies for who like people and things´s smell. This is a lullaby I wrote for Fiz, I slept him so many times with that piece! And when he began to speak we sang it and we still do!
He actually likes this lullaby, it makes him quiet and now we sing it to his brother Antón. Xesús prefers to sing "o Miudiño" he does it since Fiz was born, I´ll never understand why, call me freak.
Antón was born when Fiz was 27 months old, 3 months after my goddaughter Maren, my sister´s daughter, was born.
Saínza and I lived our second pregnancy at the same time and it was so special.
To go on with that lullaby, all the kids in the family and all our friends´s kids sing it, the words are very simple for them. What a nice way of falling into Morpheu´s arms with kisses and lullaby!

* O miudiño is a song about having two drinks instead of one, very popular in Galicia. You can´t go to a football match, a family party or events without singing it.

Steel guitar: Alvaro Lamas
Acoustic and electric guitars: Rubén Deschamps
Arrangements: Iago Rodríguez
Composition, arrangement, lyrics and voice: Susana Seivane

Souris à la vie (smile to life)

We all are surrounded by a lot of problems, and it´s true that we live in a difficult moment in many ways : never ending wars all around the world, suffering people because of corrupted and holder politicians, crisis, cuts in important subjects...We have a lot of negative things around us everyday, but in fact all we can do is what is close to us. The rest is not ours, and we would feel frustrate if we´d try to change it, it would be like moving a great and very heavy stone.
What we can do is help to save the planet and let a better world, teach our child positive ways of think so that they become good persons. Smile to life, appreciate nice things life brings to us, which are a lot and we cannot appreciate because we try to move our heavy stone; it´s not easy but we can do it.
My sons are my motivation and thanks to them I could get to that conclusion and many other reflections and conclusions.
That piece came from that kind of conversations I had with his composer, Iago Rodríguez, and with that way of positive think we arranged that piece which encourages us to smile to life, dance with life and sing it and enjoy it.
We made it in french because France is a country where people like me and we often play there, and in Spain they say that kids come from Paris...

Tenor and baritone sax: Gueorgui Oganesian
Violins: Javier Cedrón and Harry Price
Drums: José “Niño” Bruno
Bass: Víctor Gacio
Palmas and chorus: Carlos Freire
Composition, arrangements, lyrics, palmas and chorus: Iago Rodríguez
Alto sax , soprano, palmas and chorus: Miguel González
Electric guitars, palmas and chorus: Rubén Deschamps
Arrangements, lyrics, Gaita in C, voice, palmas and tambourine: Susana Seivane

(lyrics in the Galician and French versión)

Sentirte, amarte (feeling you, loving you)

A lullaby I composed for Antón, I used to whisper to him, hugging him, feeling him deeply. The world around us stopped.
When you only have one child, you may think none love could be stronger than the one you´re feeling for him, you have to have a second one to understand it´s not like that, you love him as much as the first one.

Composition, arrangements, Gaita in C 5 and bass drone in C 2: Susana Seivane

Papá pum pum

When Fiz didn´t speak yet, his way to tell me he wanted me to put a video about his father while he was boxing was:
"Mama put me papá pum pum!"
Iago Rodríguez, "Babo", composed this piece for Fiz and his father Xesús Ferreiro "Cachorro", triple boxing champing in Spain as a professional. I made with him a family and a home. Since we met he became my companion and always have helped me in good and bad moments, always by my side. He´s quite complainer but I love him as he is. Together we learn a lot and next to him I learned the most beautiful and important in life.
Estefanía Ramos, "Tani", who is almost a sister for me, and an aunt for my sons, helped us with the lyrics and chipped in, as she did many times in my life.
Papa pum pum tells how is Fiz, a nice, loving and clever kid, but also an inventive and obstinate one.
With a nice interior world, this piece tells about what he likes to do, without prejudice; I think it shows what Fiz is: a special, authentic and pure kid. He likes superheroes very much. Iago, Fani, Xesús and me affectionately tell him "Cuchi" and our favourite superhero is without any doubt "Supercuchiman"!!

Chorus: Fiz Seivane Ferreiro
Violin: Javier Cedrón
Tenor sax: Gueorgui Organesian
Alto sax: Miguel González
Composition and lyrics: Iago Rodríguez
Acoustic guitar: Rubén Deschamps
Drums: José "Niño" Bruno
Lyrics: Estefanía Ramos
Electric guitars, musical prodution and secuences: Iago Lorenzo
Arrangements, lyrics, Gaita in Bf, voice and tambourine: Susana Seivane

(lyrics in the Galician version)

Antón revolución (Antón revolution)

This nice story is about to end.
When Antón was born, the revolution came in our house, in a literal way, he´s someone with a special lightning, an invasive, nice, funny, theatrical and very clever personality. He came to turn over our life with his fascinating personnality.
When "Babo" visited us, he couldn´t believe in the chaos he always saw in our home and he composed this piece for Antón, it shows very well the unruly boy he is and also what we were all living.
I was crazy in love and now it was for two kids, but I was also nervously exhausted. Being a mother is so hard today and fathers hardly can mix professional and family life, they have to run everywhere!
Well, with Antón´s birth, my life became an authentic revolution, an exciting, pleasant, lovely and happy life I couldn´t imagine before, with 3 wonderful people I´ll be always attached to, with the strongest possible relationship, which moves people and the world: true love.
Xesús, Fiz and Antón.

Steel guitar: Álvaro Lamas
Electric and acoustic guitars and banjo: Cabe García
Violin: Javier Cedrón
Bass: Víctor Gacio
Drums: José "Niño" Bruno
Acoustic guitar and mandolin: Rubén Deschamps
Composition: Iago Rodríguez
Arrangements and Gaita in C: Susana Seivane

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