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August Dates: A Revista TV program, Vieira de Honor, Cambre and Moeche

Continue the Galician tour of Susana Seivane

On Saturday August 2nd, Susana will be in A Revista, a Galician TV program, where she will talk about heir new projects, you could see her about the 13h.

The magic bagpiper will receive the Vieira de Honor to the Artistic Quality, a honor that the Enxebre Orde da Vieira will give her in Santiago, on 6 August at the Hotel Monumento San Francisco, this is a annual distinction to a Galician professional, that is notable especially in music, art and entertainment.

On August 14th, at 24:00, the Susana Seivane´s speech will be the beginning of the festivities of Santa María de Cambre, the municipality of her residence, because of being a symbol of Galician culture and taking the name of Cambre worldwide.

And on 23 August, Susana Seivane will perform at the XXXV Edition of Irmandiño Festival in Moeche. Her concert will be after the assault of the castle. It is for her an immense pleasure to return to this historic galician festival.

Follow to Susana Seivane en route!

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