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At the XXIV Bagpipers Meeting. Tribute to Fito Domínguez. Luar

Susana Seivane with Airiños de Fene, A Roda and TVG

In October Susana Seivane will be at the XXIV Bagpipers Meeting, organized by Airiños de Fene, that will focus on the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the band and which this year will honor Miguel Doval and Chus Niebla. There will be many friends accompanying them on Saturday the 6th, at 19:30 at the SCRD Agarimo of Sillobre, Fene.

Next Saturday, Susana will attend the tribute to Fito Domínguez, singer and founder of A Roda, who died last September, will be held on October 13th at the new auditorium Mar de Vigo. Numerous colleagues, among them Susana Seivane, will offer this heartfelt tribute to the illustrious musician.

That weekend you can see her with very good company at the program of the Galician television, called Luar.

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