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Susana Seivane next to initiatives for a better world!

Susana Seivane celebrates Christmas by supporting good causes!

Friday November 3 at 12:00, Susana Seivane will play at the opening ceremony of the World Education Forum for Peace, which will be developed at the auditorium of the USC. Forum 2010 is a great container of worldwide events and activities that is about the Culture of Peace, and it weill be celebrated in Santiago de Compostela, from 3 to 30 December.

On Friday 10 December at 20:00, Susana Seivane will be in the benefit Gala "Tierra de Hombres" at the auditorium of Caixa Galicia Foundation in the Canton Grande in A Coruña. This foundation promotes the development of childhood, defending their rights without any political, racial, religious or gender discrimination.

And Thursday, December 16 at the Teatro Rosalía de Castro in A Coruña, at 20:30 Susana Seivane will play in the benefit concert organized by the Institution of Padre Rubinos in favor of people without resources.

Like Susana, all of us must support these initiatives!

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