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Susana Seivane closes her summer tour 2010 with a resounding triumph

“Susana Seivane and friends” succeeded in summer tour

The show “Susana Seivane and friends” was presented for the first time in 2009 at Ortigueira Celtic Festival and it has been getting triumphs in each of its presentations. In the last two appointments, “Susana Seivane and friends” has been a resounding success, in A Corunna, in the celebrations of Maria Pita, and Pontevedra, in the Festas da Peregrina.

“Susana Seivane and friends” is a vibrant, very intense and dynamic show, with more than two hours of duration, with prestigious guest artists as Rodrigo Romaní, Anxo Pinto, Xosé Manuel Budiño, David Paz, Jose Rodriguez and Jose Somoza.

This show has made to vibrate, exciter and dance to the Galician public. The mastery of Susana with the gaita and her warm voice has made to enjoy the audience like never, by lefting an exciting memory and desires of more into the public of both cities.


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