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Susana Seivane again in France!

Next day 6th of August, Susana Seivane and her band will come back to the neighboring country. The appointment will be at the prestigious Festival of Gévaudan, in Sauges, where Susana and her musicians will play at 21:00.

Just finished the concert, they will go back to A Coruña for preparing the great show “Susana Seivane and friends”, with amazing collaborations: Rodrigo Romaní, Anxo Pintos, Xosé Manuel Budiño and David Paz, Jose Rodríguez and Jose Somoza, it will be engraved in the Coruña´s mind for a long time.

The concert is part of the celebrations´ program of Maria Pita, it will be on 13th, at Maria Pita square at 22:30.

And only, two days later back to the road, this time to Pontevedra, at Festas da Peregrina, where Susana will play on 15th, again with exciting collaborations.

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