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Susana Seivane presents her fourth CD, 'Os soños que volven'

Susana Seivane presented today her fourth record ‘Os soños que volven’ in the Gaita’s workshop of her family in Cecebre, Cambre. After a brief and likeable introduction by the humoristic group ‘As cantareiras de Ardebullo’, Susana spoke about the details of this new CD that will come to the market the next Monday July, 6.

The disc has been produced by Enavíes Música, Susana’s own record brand. It is composed of 14 titles that suggest moments and places of special importance in Susana’s life. Songs she has been playing from her first steps as a gaiteira. Dreams of her childhood that she wants to bring to the present and to play them again, in the purest way, with her gaita and her voice, on a base of contemporary, fresh and impressive arrangements.

The recording was also made in Susana’s own studios. Important folk musicians like Rodrigo Romaní, Anxo Pintos, Harry Price, Pedro Lamas, among many others, took part on it.

Susana remarked that she does not produce this CD with the idea of making business, but with the desire that everyone can afford it and enjoy her music. This is the reason why the price will be only 10 euros.

The official presentation to the public will take place in the ‘Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta de Ortigueira’ on july the 10th. Susana prepares a great spectacle in which many of the songs of her new disc will be played. It will be more than an hour and a half of music that the Galician artist will offer accompanied by her habitual band, and the guests who participated in the recording of the CD.

Regarding to the question of a journalist about this summer concerts, Susana said that she will continue her Galician tour in Ponteareas, Narón, Bueu, Miño and Malpica among many other villages. She will also travel to France for two concerts in the Lorient’s Incerceltic Festival in which it will be celebrated the Galicia’s year

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