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Susana Seivane presents her fourth album.

Susana Seivane’s fourth album will be presented on June. Following 'Susana Seivane', 'Alma de buxo' and 'Mares de Tempo', the new CD which will be entitled 'Os soños que volven’, is conceived as a tribute to Galician traditional music. This new contribution from Susana is full of catchy melodies and surprising chords.

Her passion for tradition, long experience of more than 10 years on the stages around the world, and her own artistic restlessness, lead now Susana to recreate those themes that she used to play in her childhood. Old sounds recovered from an original perspective that is the result of her strong live performances in recent years.

These suggestively simple tunes are drawn, in the purest way, by Susana’s bagpipes and voice on a canvas coated with harmonies, rhythms and contemporary and daring musical ideas. A new colour comes out from this mix demonstrating that traditional music is alive, and perfectly matches the trends, and the most advanced musical arrangements.

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