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INTERXERACIONAL Show - July16th - 23:30h

Susana Seivane´s concert in Ortigueira´s Festival

INTERXERACIONAL is a journey through the recent history of Galician music that joins several generations around the gaita of Susana Seivane.

An INTERGENERATIONAL journey that begins in 1939 when the grandfather of Susana built his first gaita and founded this family of artisans and musicians "Os Seivane": Alvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane (father and uncle of Susana), Saínza and Irma Seivane (sister and cousin) and the prodigious multi-instrumentalist Brais Seivane (nephew of the bagpiper).

With Brais, Yago Bouzada, the talented finalist of "Vai de Gaita" concours from TVG, and the hurdy-gurdy María López Carballo, Felipe Rey, finalist of Vai Gaita, Miguel Sanromán and Xaquín Bieito, winners of this game show, with the drummer Ruben Alcalde, they are rising stars of Galician music.

And besides the virtuoso violinist Harry Price and the awarded accordionists Andrés Penabad and Pablo Bermúdez, great musicians who despite his youth have a long successful musical career.

All of them and the Escola de Gaitas from Ortigueira and the Gaiteiros from Buxantes will make a final grand show together as an example of the connection between generations by traditional music.

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