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New Single!

Esperando a Fiz

The new album of Susana Seivane "Fiz" is near to be launched to the market and until then, the bagpiper is launching the new single "Esperando a Fiz" (Waiting for Fiz), that will be published this week. It is a small advance in a format of 3 songs with so evocative themes such as "Durmíndote" (Sleeping you), "Momentos" (Moments), and "O Primeiro Baile" (The first dance).

Is scheduled to launch her next album "Fiz" in early summer, that will be the fifth album of gaiteira that was brewing when she was pregnant with her first child (Fiz).

This new album is inspired by Fiz and reflects the feelings of that happy state and arrival to the world of Fiz. It´s romantic, inspiring, tender and evocative, probably the most private album of the bagpiper, made for children and not so young people, for parents and children of all ages. It´s absolutely hypnotizing, you could not stop listening these songs.

These are the dates for the introduction the single and upcoming album:

Lugo, Sala Clavicémbalo, February 28th, at 24:00h
Santiago , Sala Capitol , March 7th, at 21:30h
Melide, Pub Gatos, March 28th, at 23:00h
Allariz , Café Roi Xordo , April 25th, at 24:00h


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