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The wealth of our Galician musical heritage and the enhancement of the new talents that compose based on tradition, are the common thread of “Dende o meu balcón”, the sixth album by Susana Seivane that represents the return to the ancestral substrate on that Susana built her career.

This return to the origin arises from a process where our identity articulated a collective catharsis for thousands of people in the world through Susana´s interpretation of the themes collected on the album, during each night of confinement. Unconsciously, the search for this collective heritage served as a catalyst for resistance and it was precisely the discovery of this condition that led Susana to compile the songs performed in this new album.

The repertoire of Ricardo Portela, Herme, Moxenas, Muxicas, Os Morenos de Lavadores, Os Campaneiros, Marcos Castro, Pepe Romero, or Suso Vaamonde, among others, are part of the 55 songs grouped in 20 suites for which Seivane added the complexity of using 8 bagpipes in different tonalities.

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