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  • Concerts in Santiago, Melide, Allariz e Lugo

    Advancement of Susana Seivane next album!

    The renowned bagpiper Susana Seivane is near to release new album! These are the first appointments of the 2015. At first time, she will play songs from her upcoming album, specially designed to children, with the successes tracks of her discography. See this special advance, you can´t miss this opportunity. The first tickets are on sale. January, 10 - Sala Capitol, Santiago January, 17 - Pub Gatos, Melide February, 14 - Café Bar Cultural Roi Xordo, Allariz February, 28 - Club Clavicémbalo, Lugo We are publishing here the links to buy the tickets, stay with us, we are waiting for you!

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  • November 27th, O Couto , Ponteceso , A Coruña

    “Bos e Xenerosos " Award goes to Susana Seivane

    Yesterday afternoon in Ponteceso , O Couto ,one of the “Bos e Xenerosos” awards of the Eduardo Pondal Foundation went to Susana Seivane because of her work of promotion and dissemination of music, tradition and Galician culture, and because of her big sensitivity that she always demonstrates with the recovery, conservation , and transmission of Galician culture beyond our borders. Thank you very much!

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  • October 20th at Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane

    Susana Seivane at FOCUS GALICIA

    FOCUS GALICIA is a meeting that will be celebrated in Galicia, between the 19 and 21 october, before the WOMEX 2014 – The World Music Expo. WOMEX is the most important international market of the world. FOCUS GALICIA meets a selection of the most relevant 30 programmers, managers and agents of WOMEX to get knowledge about the musical reality in Galicia, through visits, forums, videos, etc. For this reason, on Monday, the 20th this group will go to the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane at 11:00, where is programmated a showcase of the most international bagpiper Susana Seivane.

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  • 9th et 12th October

    Susana Seivane´s performance in Brazil and Lugo

    Because of the National Day, Susana Seivane is invited by the Embassy of Spain in Brasilia, to act there, on October the 9th, in order to show the Galician culture to Brasil. Galicia could not have a better ambassadrice! And next, she flies again to Galicia in order to offer a concert, on Sunday 12th, at the Horta do Seminario square, in Lugo, the land of her roots. The gaiteira ends in this way the San Froilan and her tour, that could not have a better end! Follow her on the road! Photo Guzmán García

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  • Saturday, October 4, 2014

    Susana Seivane concert in Cordoba

    From 3rd to 5th October , at the Avenue Libertad (Vial Norte) in Córdoba, "Galicia Pórtico Universal - Córdoba " will be celebrated. A Galician exhibition with crafts, an information area of the Jacobeo and Turgalicia , an aula of tasting , a poetry reading , and the performance of the Folkloric Group “Airiños da Terra” and Susana Seivane . The bagpiper will perform on Saturday, at 21:00, on the stage of the exhibition. This event is organized by the Xunta de Galicia and the Casa de Galicia in Córdoba. Don´t lose it!

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