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  • Susana Seivane awarded with the prize Xarmenta of the Galician language.

    Xarmenta, the Galician Language Association from El Bierzo has granted, in this fourth edition, the Xarmenta prize to Susana Seivane in deference to her work defending and speaking the Galician language. Susana appreciates and shares this distinction with all women, especially with those from El Bierzo, who have been the principal architects of Galician transmission to their children. The award will be presented during a performance to be held at the Bergidum Theatre in Ponferrada on the upcoming Jan. 15. It will also perform the folk group Aira da Pedra which shares the same prize in the category of institution, with the Villafranca Pipe Band. Susana and Aira da Pedra will perform in the festival in company of the magician Richard and Anxo Rei.

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  • Your old photographs on the new album of Susana Seivane.

    During next January, Susana Seivane will begin recording her fourth album. 'Os soños que volven' , that is it’s title, is born as a tribute to the ‘songs of a lifetime' that Susana used to play in her childhood, and that she now re-creates dressed up with contemporary and daring musical arrangements. If you want to participate with Susana in the design of the covers, you can send your old photographs to be printed on the front and on the back. They can be of any subject, black and white or colour, but must be taken before the 80s. You can send them scanned at 300 dpi to until end of December. We appreciate your help!

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  • The main event will be the discovery of a bust and a retrospective exhibition on Xosé Seivane.

    A tribute to Xosé Manuel Seivane Rivas.

    The association Recunchos de Ribeira de Piquín organizes on Saturday August 8, 2008, a party-tribute to Jose Manuel Rivas Seivane in O Chao de Pousadoiro, place where he had settled his workshop for over 50 years. The events begin at 10:30 am and will happen throughout the day to finish with a concert by Susana Seivane, fireworks and a dancing party. The tickets for the lunch and dinner must be withdrawn on phones 653 720 232 or 616 474 942. The opening address will be read by Susana Seivane. The Seivane family wishes to thank publicly this deference to the association Recunchos de Ribeira de Piquín and all persons and entities collaborating in the event.

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  • She begins her European tour.

    Susana ‘08

    Susana Seivane has just begun her 2008 European tour. Les Nuits Celt'Istres of Istres, France and the Trad-it Festival in the Netherlands, were her first journeys in which she met a great success. Near soon she will be back in France for the Festival des Cultures de Montagne which wallpaper you can see in the photograph. Europe is still in love with Susana.

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